Facing the world and serving sincerely

After 20 years of unremitting efforts, Runh has made great achievements, and has been widely recognized by the country, industry and domestic and foreign owners, and won high praise from government departments, embassies, consulates, financial institutions, equipment manufacturers and the majority of owners.

Runh Power Corp., Ltd. is a professional power plant equipment supplier and a professional power station EPC contractor, dedicated to the construction and service of the global power industry.

Runh can provide high-efficiency cleaning of thermal power, waste heat power generation, combined cycle, renewable energy and other types of power plant project construction services in the form of EPC,BOT, BOO and stand-alone supply. The largest single unit capacity has reached 1000mw. Serving customers in more than ten fields including energy, metallurgy, processing, manufacturing and environmental protection.It can provide various systematic solutions and professional services for power plant project site selection survey, design procurement, construction and installation, unit commissioning, operation and maintenance, etc., and provide comprehensive power plant operation support services, including: power plant upgrade, environmental protection transformation, power plant relocation, operation training, maintenance and repair, equipment adjustment, spare parts supply and other aspects.

Hand in hand with Runh to create a green future

Runh has the grand perspective of global interests and the broad-mindedness of “everything is the same, the world is harmonious”, while continuously exploring the efficient use of traditional energy, it is more focused on the development of green and low-carbon energy.We have established a solid and long-term strategic partnership with many well-known high-efficiency clean energy equipment manufacturers and energy and environmental technology providers at home and abroad, and are making efforts and practices for the development and progress of efficient and clean energy around the world.

Longing for beauty and yearning for green is the common pursuit of mankind. Sincerity, innovation, efficiency and perfection are the unchanging responsibility and philosophy of RUNH. Let us work together to create a beautiful green future!