Runh is committed to the development and improvement of the global
clean energy industry and has won wide recognition from governments,
financial institutions and customers around the world.


Runh has a good cooperative relationship with many well-known financial institutions at home and abroad. We have the ability to provide comprehensive financing services and have our own unique platform to meet the project financing needs of our clients.Through a variety of flexible financing methods, through the cooperation with major Chinese banks and China Export Credit Insurance Corporation, obtain commercial loans, through the international banks, venture capital funds and private equity funds for structural project financing.


As we all know, the most important part of the EPC business is the close cooperation and close connection between all parties involved.This is what is needed to successfully complete the project construction.We seek the most competitive and qualified local, national and international subcontractors and suppliers, with operational and financial capabilities, and maintain good relationships with a number of power equipment manufacturers, design institutes, financial institutions, for power plant construction. Provide the best solution and cost-effective equipment. At the same time, the supplier we choose is a solid guarantee for the long-term stable operation of the power plant.
We work together to successfully execute every project and work hard to build successful projects for all parties.