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Charity In Action-Donation Activity to Nigerian Orphanage

Release time: 2018-03-17    Click-throughput: 6048

March 17th, 2018, entrusted by the president of Runh Power Corp., Ltd, vice president Wang Chengcai led Runh Power charity team to Nigerian Savour's Charity Foundation Orphanage for donation to children and sent warmth and blessings to children. Orphanage director and children expressed their sincere gratitude to Runh Power.

During project execution in Nigeria, Runh Power has established deep friendship with local people. This time, Runh Power charity team specially came to Nigerian southern city Port Harcourt to learn about the condition of Savour's Charity Foundation Orphanage and the situation of children's living and studying. After communication with orphanage director Mr. Anthony W. Isaac, we knew there were some difficulties existed in orphanage's daily operation. After being informed, Runh Power president decided to donate the orphanage to improve living situation of children. This activity by Runh Power is highly praised by director Anthony W. Isaac and also gets recognition and compliment from local people.


The orphanage donation activity by Runh Power is one of charity activities implemented at abroad projects areas, which is also one expression of Runh Power integrating into local life and caring for local person. Stepping out of China, Runh Power is not only one power plant EPC contractor, but also is a member of Chinese aid to Africa. Through the charity activity of Runh Power  it is believed that more and more local person will feel the sincerity from Chinese companies and expect to establish lasting friendship with Runh Power and China.