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Runh Power Indian 4×300MW Power Plant #2 Unit Realize Full Load Running

发布时间: 2018-02-10    点击量: 4471

Runh Power Indian 4×300MW Power Plants 2# Unit realized full load running at 10:41 Indian time, Feb 10, 2018. Maximum Load reached 309MW. Each system run normally in the course, which indicated equipment for this turbine island supplied by Runh Power reaching design capacity.

During the execution of this unit 2 project, In line with rigorous and responsible work attitude, by virtue of strong professional skills and rich project execution experience, Runh Power project team settled all technical issues occurred in commissioning for the client and got high evaluation from the client.

With this, Such Indian power plant #1. #2 units which are designed, supplied, installed, commissioning supervised by Runh Power have realized full load running, among which #1 unit realized commercial running on September 28, 2017.