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Congratulations on our Uttam Project Winning Gold Medal

发布时间: 2014-12-31    点击量: 4152

The India Uttam Galva Steels Limited 2×30MW Captive Power Plant, which is constructed, operated and maintained by Runh Power, has won 5 gold medals in the “2014 India Mumbai State-owned and Private Energy Enterprises Management Competition”.

Mr. Tiwari, the owner’s representative of the project, expressed high-level approvals and appreciation for our work, specially inviting our engineers’ representative to attend the award ceremony and showing his gratitude for our efforts and cooperation since the commencement of the project.

We have been adhering to strict management of the site, and strengthening the process control with the project safety, quality, schedule, and all performance indicators of the units having reached the leading level of its kind which has received attention of the Indian peers. Winning this competition, is not only a recognition of our project management, but also another promotion of our overseas brand image and market reputation.